Could the New Era NBA Play-Off Be Right Around the Corner???

Adam Silver says NBA will consider taking the top 16 teams for the play-offs, no matter what conference they play in. 

Is this Good, Bad or Ugly?

I don't really care for this format because history repeats itself, just as it should do every so often.  The balance of a good teams to bad teams are still a little unbalanced at this time .

For example, the top 8 teams in the West are all above .500 and only the Denver Nuggets, who are currently the 8th seed, are below .500 with a record of 21-26; however they may not make the play-offs because they may be making quite a bit of moves before the trade deadline.

Chandler may be looking to land in a better position elsewhere even though he is having a career year in Denver
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a look at the East, it's a little different; you have 2  teams below .500, the Bulls are 24-25 and the Hornets are 23-26.  However, the teams are closer in the win/loss so they could still catch the middle of the pack (4th or 5th seed) before the play-offs start.

In both the Eastern and Western conference I see a battle coming down to the end of the season for both 8th seed spots, more so in the East.  I see the Bucks playing better basketball after the All-Star break and I think the Pistons may have a trade in the making coming up to push the Bulls and Hornets for 7th and 8th seed. Out West I think Portland may be making a hard push at the 8th seed. A young Timberwolves team still has a slim chance to catch the botton of the pack with a good run towards the end of the season.

With all that being said  there is still a better balance in this year's play-off race than in the past. The concern with Adam Silver is the quality of basketball in the playoffs. If you were to pair 1 vs 16;  2 vs 15, and so on, will you get better basketball ?  I guess you would never know until it happens, but one thing for sure you should get the 2 best teams barring any injuries regardless of what conference they came from . 

If this format happened, you could see upsets such as the Sixers defeating a higher seed like the Rockets, it's just a thought at this time though by the NBA commissioner
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I  believe it would make one heck of a play-off from every team and you truly will see the best basketball played as well. Teams wouldn't or shouldn't rest players because every game counts from game 1 to game  82. 

Let's  take a look right now into the NBA crystal ball. The final 4 teams would look something like Warriors vs Rockets and Spurs vs Cavs. Man, what a great final four that would be! Let's take one step further and you could see Warriors vs Spurs. How amazing would that be. You could further point out and say "#1 Offense against #1 Defense." 

Could  Adam Silver sell this to the owners and fans of the NBA?  I  would say yes he could because you play to win the game and your record truly would mean something . 

Sometimes change is better and in this instance I would enjoy the play-offs immensely. I guess I changed my own mind about the play-offs. I hope I changed  yours as well.